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The Secret to Rocking Your Online Business

On the surface my company creates systems and programs that make online entrepreneurs’ lives easier. But what I really do is help you shift from playing small and being invisible to becoming powerful leaders. I help entrepreneurs shift from an employee mindset – where you expect someone to tell you what to do, how to do it, and where to put it – to a CEO mindset where you tap into your own power and run your business confidently, efficiently, and successfully.

The secret to rocking your online business

Let’s break these two mindsets down…

The Invisible Employee

The definition of an employee is “a person working for another person or a business firm for pay.” This means you are being told what to do, because your employer has projects they want completed, and you are being paid to do what they want. They also want these projects and tasks done a certain way, because they have decided what is the best way for their company to operate. You, the employee, are the one hired to complete those projects. Typically, an employee does not have much say in how the company operates. The processes and systems are all in place, the boss dictates the workflow, and the employee is often micro-managed until the task is complete.

There is nothing wrong with being an employee. I’m simply laying out the parameters that are considered the norm for employees.

The problem comes in when an employee is treated like a number, not as the valuable, powerful, unique individual human being they are. This can happen because of any number of scenarios {I’ll let your mind run rampant here!}. We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. And many of us have settled into jobs that stifle creativity and we end up feeling, acting, and finally “being” invisible.

This was the case for me.

Somehow, even though I was crazy talented at business, I was always passed over for raises, promoted for the same pay, taken for granted, and underacknowledged. For a long time I thought this was their fault. I now know it was my fault.

I was committed to playing small. Not consciously, mind you…it all ran just beneath the surface. I was taught at a very young age to not outshine anyone. So I didn’t. Even though I could have.

Does my story sound similar to yours?

Whenever you keep yourself small and stay in the shadows, you are running the Invisible Employee program. Invariably people will start to treat you as invisible.

Fast forward into running your own business. If you are still running the Invisible Employee track in your mind, you will never step into your greatness.

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Running a business requires someone to be in charge. If you are working for yourself, you’re the one in charge! And if you are still thinking like an employee, then no one is in charge! Aack!

So what’s the solution?

The Powerful CEO

Any quick study of successful CEO’s will reveal that they think differently than the average person. Plain and simple.

The person who is running the Powerful CEO program in her mind knows that someone has to be the boss of her company, and she knows it is HER!

She understands the importance of knowing her numbers, tracking her business activities and progress. She gets that lots of decisions have to be made in order to create a successful business, and that she’s the one who makes those decisions.

She doesn’t procrastinate, she takes action.

She creates processes and documents them so she can see how her business is doing at a glance.

She delegates and outsources tasks that she can’t or won’t do.

She doesn’t get caught up in money – if it’s necessary for her business, she finds a way to make it happen.

She knows the value of her own personal development so she makes time in her schedule.

In short, she is willing to be the boss of every situation in her business, and she is running the show.

When this vital shift is made in your mind, your business can’t help but be successful! It’s not personal, it’s mindset.

To truly rock your online business, you need the right mindset and the right mentor. Get a handle on what it really takes to be successful – join me here every week and take back control of your business.


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