Traffic Membership For The Active Marketer
*if you can't handle lots of F-bombs, this membership is probably not for you ;)

Everybody wants their shot at making a living online but that dream has been threatened by scam artists and gurus with empty promises. People are frustrated. We understand and have a plan. We have created online tools - made BY marketers FOR marketers. Realize your dream and become a confident expert marketer who impresses people with your secret ninja skills and gets results.

Millionaire Mentor

Connect LIVE weekly with a successful multi-millionaire marketer

Motivational Mindset

Learn how to train your thoughts to produce the results you desire

Become an Expert Marketer

You'll have the tools you need to market like the pros

“I have been a long time with you now...and your training is real. No fake No nonsense...simply the truth...cheers for that.”


“Vic is a rarity. He may drop a few F bombs now and then but he keeps it real.”


“Your training is REAL, Vic! Not only am I learning how to market online, I am learning a lot about myself!! You tell it like it is. Looking forward to the rest of the year!!” 


“I've been online a long time, but something was missing...I never knew what that missing piece was until I joined forces with you, Vic! I COMPLETELY appreciate your "tell it like it is" refreshing. In just a short time I have learned marketing techniques I never knew existed. I am absolutely giddy!”


“The energy and ideas you have, you draw people to you because they feel and know you know what you're talking about! Thanks a million Vic!”


“I just love the way you teach, things that blow my mind and straight to the point.”


“Love the No BS style. And sometimes pure genius! Listen to Vic for a while and you can see things in a different light.”



How much is ineffective marketing costing you? How many potential customers aren't being reached by your offer? How many hours are spent staring at your computer screen wondering if you're taking the right actions to move your business forward? How many campaigns have you run that started out promising and ended up fizzling out in the end? A lack of effective marketing may already be costing you a great deal.

*This is NOT an automatic subscription. You can NOT just set it and forget it.

Password changes EVERY THURSDAY. You will need to make sure your $25 membership fee payment is paid by midnight ET every Friday or you leave the training forever. 


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